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What this blog is about !!!

Welcome to #DivineBeautyTrends# Blog! My name is Sabie. I’m a Graphic and Website Designer as well as a blogger who appreciates beauty. I am totally affectionate about makeup, beauty and nails.

I don’t necessarily have a favorite make up or beauty brand…well maybe a few. Fact is, I love everything that is all about make up,beauty and nails.

There is something about the smell, packages, color, the look and feel of make up! I can never get out of a store without buying or taking a glance at make up.

Before I knew a thing or two about blogging I thought I’d venture into owning my own beauty spa  parlor but since I have love for the net and I am a technical girl I decided to start blogging about beauty, make up and nails so as  to teach women a thing or two about what I know about being beautiful.