How to do French Manicure at Home: 7 Steps

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French manicure is one of the oldest, elegant and  most loved manicure ever. Although its always nice to go and do french manicure at a beauty parlor or spar or paying a professional french manicure, its a little costly for some people to do it there time and again. This article will teach you how to do a french manicure at home,step by step. So are you ready?



How to do French Manicure at Home: 7 Steps



Things You’ll Need





  1. Cut and trim your nails to a desired length. Make them a little of both square and oval shape.

  2. Take a flat edged sticker or scotch tape or a strip and place over your nail. It should be placed at the curve leaving the rest of the nail that would be painted pink or nude or clear. Make sure it’s tight enough so that the nail polish doesn’t bleed.

  3. Apply white nail polishto the tip of your nail, above the sticker. The sticker,scotch tape or strip is for protecting the paint-free nail areas.

  4. Let the nail polish dry. Wait for a couple of minutes and then slowly and carefully remove the sticker or scotch tape or strip.

  5. Continue the same process with the other 9 fingers until all the tips of the 10 fingers are nicely and professionally done.

  6. Let them dry completely for about 5 minutes.

  7. Now it’s time to apply the clear or nude or very light pink which is the top coat. After letting all the 10 fingers dry then clean up excess unwanted paint. You can get the French manicure kit online at at around $25.00.


You can get the products at a beauty store, pharmacy and local grocery store near you. Also you can order them online at and

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