How to Get Soft Moisturized Hands: 4 Steps

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Hands are part of our bodies that really needs being taken care of and pampering. Especially us ladies, we tend to take care of our nails and forget the hands. Let’s remember that hands do all the work and after our faces, people especially men tend to look or notice our hands. So let’s find out how to we can get soft hands in 4 easy steps.




How to get Soft Hands: 4 steps


Step 1



  • Just before you go to bed, apply your favorite moisturizing lotion on your hands and wrists.

  • Don’t rub it in such a way that it will completely disappear deep in your skin.

  • Do not thoroughly rub it on.

  • If you don’t have a good moisturizer, I encourage you to use VASELINE.



Step 2



  • Wear cotton gloves on heavily moisturized hands.

  • Cotton socks may also do the trick if you do not have cotton gloves.

  • Now go to bed with them on overnight.


Step 3



  • Remove your gloves/socks first thing in the morning when you get up.

  • Apply your facial scrub and massage your hands through to your wrists for about a minute or so.

  • Rinse off with water.


Step 4



Sugar Hand Scrub



You can opt on making yourself a homemade hand scrub if you do n0t have a facial scrub at home. Below is how you can make a homemade hand scrub at home:




Brown Sugar

Lemon Juice or Olive Oil


Mix a few tablespoons of brown sugar with a few drops lemon juice.

If you don’t have lemon juice, olive oil will be perfect.


  • Now you can wear a moisturizer of your choice all over your hands.

  • For perfectly soft hands, repeat the process every week. You’re sure to have baby-soft hands!

  • Use cotton gloves/socks. Not any other material.

  • For better circulation please do not use very tight socks gloves.

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