How to Exfoliate your Lips

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What is Lip Exfoliation?



Lip exfoliating, is the removal of dead  and flaky skin cells, on your lips thus unveiling the new skin, leaving behind healthy gorgeous glowing lips. Below are tips on how to exfoliate your lips naturally at home.

Now, first things first!!!


  • Drink 8 glasses of water daily to avoid dehydration.

  • Being dehydrated will and keep your lips from being moist and soft.

  • Exfoliate your lips every three days.


Handy Hint !!!


Avoid doing it too many times as this might cause your lips to swell.



Methods of Lip Exfoliating


 1. Rubbing your Lips with Sugar


 – Dip your finger in water, and then in a sugar bowl.

 – Gently massage in circular motions on your lips.

 – Pat  your lips together and wipe to the extra sugar off.


ALWAYS FINISH OFF WITH LIP BALM.It moisturizes your lips making them soft and supple.



DIY Lip Scrubs


   2. Sugar and Olive Oil Lip Scrub


 – Mix sugar and olive oil together.

 – Simply massage the mixture onto your lips in a circular motion.

 –  Rinse off with warm water for a silky smooth and delicious feel.


ALWAYS FINISH OFF WITH A LIP BALM. It moisturizes your lips making them soft and supple.


3. Tooth Brush and Vaseline


– Take an old soft bristled tooth brush.

– Put a little bit of Petroleum Vaseline Jelly on your lips.


– Start moving the brush in circular motions for a few minutes.


-If you are satisfied, then remove excess Vaseline with a soft clean cloth.



4. Sugar and Coconut Oil DIY  Lip Scrub



– Take coconut oil and mix it with sugar in a small bowl.

– Use your finger to apply to your lips.

– You can choose to use an old soft bristled tooth brush as well to put on your lips.

– use circular movements to softly scrub and exfoliate your lips for a few minutes.

– Remove excess sugar with warm water and apply lip moisturizer of your choice.


 Handy Hint !!!



Try to use beauty products like NiveaCarmex, blistex,Vaseline, soft lips, or burts bees. All of these lip balms are available at most drugstores like CVS, Duane Reade, or Wallgreens at a very reasonable price as well as online at after you do exfoliate your lips.



  •  Make lip moisturizer your best friend. Don’t only take your new best friend   everywhere you go, use her .

  • Always use moisturizers with SPF 15 and above when you go out to the harsh sunny and extremely cold weather.

  • Patience is a virtue so don’t expect luscious and kissable lips overnight.

  •   Also vaseline or any lip balm of your choice daily  before bed may be of great help.

  •  Always wear  moisturizer/lip balm under your lip stick.



You will see the effects within a week or so and you will eventually have those kissable lips again. When you are satisfied with the results, now the next step after learning  how to exfoliate your lips is to apply lip stick of your choice. Read further about how to make your own DIY lip stick at home in this article I wrote and remember to please feel free to share on social media platforms if you had enjoyed it.


How to Make Lip Stick at Home


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