How to do Shellac Manicure: Step by Step Tutorial

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Every nail manicure fanatic is raving about the new 10 minute magic manicure known as Shellac Manicure. CND gave birth to Shellac a few years ago Shellac is the brain child of a California company called Creative Nail Design, more commonly known as CND… and it works wonders and has changed the revolution of fake nails. The new manicure treatment is smudge-proof nail color that lasts for a couple of weeks without chipping nor peeling. Read along as I speak about how to do shellac manicure, step by step tutorial.


How to do Shellac Manicure: Step by Step Tutorial



  1. Apply the first coat which is the base.

  2. Use the UV lamp to dry it for 30 seconds.

  3. Apply the top coat.

  4. Use the UV lamp to dry for 2 minutes.

  5. Then apply the last coat and dry another 2 minutes.

  6. When the top coat is done, you get a quick shine with a soft cloth and alcohol and you’re ready to go.


See how easy it is to do shellac manicure!!!


 Drying Shellac Manicure



  • With shellac a special UV lamp is used to dry off the nails.

  • Curing under the UV lamp takes about 2 minutes.

  • Nails are done in the same way as normal manicure is done.



The Difference Between Gel Nails and Shellac Nails



  • There is no nail damage and filling nails when removing shellac.

  • Shellac polish slides on perfectly and better than regular nail polish.


  • Shellac polish will then last longer than regular manicure-for more than 2 weeks and won’t even chip during those weeks.


  • Some people manage to stay up to 4 weeks before taking it out because they keep changing the polish as new growth comes out.



How to Remove Shellac Manicure



 The process of removing the shellac nails or manicure is that it requires a special wrapping process- in aluminum foil. This is the way to remove it at home:



  • Take a very strong acetone and put on cotton balls.

  • Take aluminum foil and wrap around your fingers.

  • The wrapping separates the chemical from the nail color and creates body heat to help the polish to be easily removed.

  • You also have a choice of purchasing the finger wraps sold by CND. The process takes about 10 minutes. I have never done it at home myself at home but my people told me it works as well.



This is what the manager, Diana Ahern, had to say about the shellac manicure removal in their website: “Some consumers report having acetone-soaked cotton placed on their nails with their fingers wrapped in aluminum foil”. Ahern does not believe that the process is approved or recommended by CND, and is as well as that it is most probably done by unlicensed, untrained and taking shortcuts.



Cost of Shellac Manicure


Shellac manicure costs between $30 to $40 bi- weekly and $5 to remove it without re applying. Get your own CDN Shellac Nail Polish online at at $55.00.


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