How to do Bridal Make Up: Step by Step

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How to do Bridal Make Up: Step by Step


Basic tips about wedding make up that lasts longer….



It’s your day today and all you want is to look perfect. Stop panicking; I have a few tips for you. Tips about how to do bridal make up at home: Step by Step.



1. Make sure you choose the simple and neutral look.


2. Get your facial a few days before your big day in case you get any skin irritations.


3. Your mascara should be water proof as it is certain you are going to probably cry half of the day.


4. Your foundation should match your skin tone and be able to last all day.  Smashbox-Liquid-Halo-Foundation available at


5. Finish up with translucent  powder. My favorite is Mary-Kay-Translucent-Loose-Powder and costs about $12 at


6. For you not to shine and have a natural glow on their wedding day, apply highlighter on your cheekbones, near the tear ducts, and just under the brows. My favorite highlighter: MAC Mineralize Skin finish which cost about $41.00 at


7. Make sure you wear glitter and shimmer make up moderately. My favorite is Eye Candy Beauty Treats Glitter powder by NYX which costs about $10.00 at


8.Use a concealer because it hides skin imperfections . If you have dark blotches or blemishes you can conceal them.


9. The face primer fills in pores, makes the skin look smooth and the make up to last longer. My favorite face primer is: MAC-Prep-Prime-Face-Protect.


10. Don’t forget the eye primer so that  your eye shadow last longer for when you cry . My favorite eye primer is Mary-Kay-Eye-Primer.


11. Wear blush on the apple of your cheeks to bring color to your face.  A shade of peach- like pink color goes well with all the skin tones. The best blush ever is my love Sheertone-Shimmer-Blush-Peachtwist.


12. Choose a lasting lip color. Lip stains work really well and red is always great because I feel It adds that sexiness and boldness. Finish with a lip liner since lip liners prevent the lipstick from bleeding. My favorite and recommended lip stain costs about $14.00 at Smashbox-Limitless-Stain-Color.


13. If your dress shows a little bit of skin use a little amount of soft shimmer so as to add a little sexy.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sexy bride. Get yourself a smash box shimmer powder for $22.00 at Try the Smashbox-Soft-Lights-Shimmer Powder.


14. Easy way to enhance your eyes without using too much make up is to wear artificial lashes. They are so easy to wear. Some brides even get themselves lash extensions for their big day. Get yourself a Mac pair on line at, MAC-Fake-Eye-Lashes at $23.00.



Now its time…How to do DIY bridal make up…..



How to do Bridal Make up; Step by Step


If you are doing a bridal facial at home and want to do it like a bridal make up artist, below are the steps on how to do it. This will save you money and time more than you could ever know…This is so that your skin will be clear, smooth and ready for make-up.


Step 1


1. Cleanse your face with a face cleanser of your choice.


2. Put a few drops of your facial cleanser on the palms of your wet hand. Make circular movements on your face until you are satisfied that your face is clean.


I recommend  MAC-Mineralize-Charged-Water-Cleanser which you can get online at for $26.00.


My second recommendation is Mary-Kay-3 in 1-TimeWise-Cleanser which you get online at at $16.99. I also recommend cleanser called Regenerist-Luminous-Brightening-Cleanser. Get it on line at for about $19.99.



Step 2


3. Now it is time for the toner.


4. Grab a cotton ball and apply a little bit of your toner on it. Make circular movements in your face whilst face still wet.


5. Rinse and dry with a clean and dry face cloth. By the way, a toner is good for restoring skin PH level and removing excess dirt.


6. After that use a clean and soft dry face towel to pat dry.


7. Now apply a moisturizer of your choice and wait a few minutes for it to sink in. Learn from this article that I wrote about how to make lotion at home. It is very easy and affordable.

 I recommend Mary Kay Time Wise Age Fighting Moisturizer which costs about $12.00 at


Well, I hope you enjoyed the wedding make up tips that I just shared with you and please remember to feel free to share on social media.


How to Make DIY Lotion at Home


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