How to Clean your Make up Brushes at Home

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Make up brushes tend to pick up old make up and dirt a lot so we need to wash them time and again. Cleaning make up brushes is supposed to be done daily after applying make up because of bacteria, clogging of pores and messing our eye shadow colors. I will show you how to wash your make up brushes easily now.


Things you will need


  • Bowl

  • Baby shampoo, dish washing detergent or clarifying shampoo

  • Towel




  1. Rinse your make up brush bristles under the tap of luke warm water to remove outstanding make up.

  2. Now fill up your bowl with luke warm water, add either detergent, baby shampoo or clarifying shampoo and make it to lather with your hand.

  3. Massage the bristles gently to remove the dirt and make up.

  4. Rinse the bristles under running luke warm tap water if you are satisfied that they are clean.

  5. Pat dry between the dry towel and re shape the bristles.

  6. Let them dry for a few hours.


 As you clean and rinse your make up brushes, stay away from the handle and avoid using very hot water.

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