How to Apply Make up: Step by Step Tutorial

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We women love make up, especially the natural eye makeup look. Some of us would never even dare learn how to apply make up or put it on ourselves as we do believe only professionals are capable of doing it for us . Not only make up artists tips will help you,believe you me, you too can learn how to apply make up at home like a real professional through this tutorial.


Behold I have news for you. Make up doesn’t even have to take most of your day to apply. It is easy and the more you practice the better you will be and the faster you will become.


There are things though you need to do to your skin before applying make-up at home. First you have to do a facial at home. This is so that your skin will be clear, smooth and ready for make-up.


How to Cleanse your Face


– Cleanse your face with a face cleanser of your choice.

– Put a few drops of your facial cleanser on the palms of your wet hand.

– Make circular movements on your face until you are satisfied that your face is clean. I recommend Mac Creme Foaming Cleanser which costs about $20.00 online.

– My second recommendation is Green Gel Cleanser  which costs about $12.00 at .

– My last recommendation is One Step Face Cleanser by Clarins. It costs about $37.00 online at



How to Tone your Face


– Now it is time for the toner.

– Grab a cotton ball and apply a little bit of your toner on it.

– Make circular movements in your face whilst face still wet.

– Rinse and dry with a clean and dry face cloth.

– By the way, a toner is good for restoring skin PH level and removing excess dirt. I recommend Clear Proof Toner from It costs less than $15.00 online.

– My second recommendation is Nars Multi-Action Toner. It costs about  $32.00 online at

– My third recommendation is Neutrogena cleanser. You can get it online on at about $5.00.


How to Moisturize your Face


– After toning your skin you can go ahead and  apply a moisturizer of your choice and wait a few minutes for it to sink in.

– I recommend Mac Lightful Marine Bright Serum . Get it online at about $64.00.

– My second recommendation is Mary Kay Time Wise Moisturizer. Get it online for about $24.00.

– My third recommendation is Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrator. Get it online at for about $39.00.


How to Apply Make up:


Step by Step Tutorial


If you want to learn how to apply bridal make up, then go ahead and read this article. Otherwise continue on with the tutorial.


1. Apply the primer before the foundation.


– Put a few enough drops on your finger and apply to face.


– Use circular movements making sure the whole of  your face is covered so not to miss a spot.


– The primer is for smoothing and evening out the skin so that the make up stays longer and glides on smoothly.


– I recommend the Mac Prep Skin Base Visage Make up Primer which is available at and for $49.00.

– My second choice is Laura Mercier Primer also available at for about $34.00 as well as

-My third recommendation is Mary Kay Primer available at and for less than $18.00.  



2. Now it’s time to apply the liquid foundation.


– Make sure the foundation matches your skin tone.


– If you don’t know if the foundation matches your skin tone, visit one of the local beauty stores and ask the make up artists to do a test for you.


 – Make up experts advice that you always keep about 2 different shades of colors close to your tone as our skin tone changes with seasons.


– Some people will even need to mix those two foundations in order to get a perfect shade tone.


– My two favourite foundations are Mac Studio fix foundation and Smashbox Camera Ready foundation. Get them online for about $40.00 at and


– Use a makeup sponge, or a foundation brush to apply the foundation. It is even okay to use your finger tips. I do most times.

– Make circular movements starting from the hair line going down.

– When you are working on the eyes, avoid the upper eyelids.


3. How to Apply  concealer.


– Apply the concealer to the dark and red spots as well as under the eyes.

– Always use a color that is one tone lighter than your skin tone.

– Use your finger tip to apply the concealer on the dark and or red spots.

– Pat it on with your finger tip and then use the sponge to blend it in more with the foundation.

-I recommend Mac Pro Longwear concealer. Get it online at for $31.00. I also like the Revlon brand photo ready concealer which is about $7.00 at


4. Apply eyeshadow of your choice.


– There is liquid and compressed eye shadow. Get yourself an $18.00 palette online at


5. Curl your lashes with a lash curler.


– Start from the roots  all the way up.

– Get yourself a curler for about $7.00 at


6. Apply mascara on your lashes from the root all the way up.

– Do not put a lot of mascara.


7. Fill your eye brows with an eye brow pencil.


– Use a lighter color. Dark brown is usually great.

– Brush off the hairs with clean and old mascara wand to make it more neat. – This eye brow pencil from Amazon is the best and it only costs about $2.00.


8. How to Apply  bronzer with a powder brush.


– Apply on the cheeks, forehead and chin to give a little tan and a natural look.

– Get yourself a cheap Neutrogena brand for about $11.00 or a very good one from Stilla at about $36.00 at


9. How to Apply the blush.


– If you are not satisfied with the natural look from bronzer, you can take your  blush and put it on the apple of the cheeks using your fingers and blend it in up using a blusher brush.

– I prefer liquid blush.


10. How to Apply Lipstick


Before you even consider applying lipstick make sure your lips are very soft and supple. Read below this article I wrote about how to exfoliate your lips.

Make sure you exfoliate your lips at least once in 2 weeks so that your lips may not chip and lipstick may stick pretty well and last for longer.


– Take your lip stick of your choice and apply directly on your lips.

If you prefer making your own DIY lipsticks at home consider reading this article I wrote about making your own lipstick at home. It has about 4 easy recipes. Otherwise use the recommended ones or lipsticks of your choice.

11. Apply a loose powder of your choice.


– I recommend Mac powder. Mac is a good brand and yet affordable.

– Apply all over your face using a powder brush.


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