How to Apply Glitter Eye Shadows: 3 Easy Steps

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How to Apply Glitter Eye Shadows


Are you one of those people who love make up and have lots of it in their collection but just don’t know how to use glitter eye shadows correctly? Do you love sparkly glitter eye shadows? I was one of you a few years ago and thought I would just go along and be bold and take a risk of applying glitter eye shadow make up. I don’t regret at all.Do you want to learn how to apply glitter eye shadows?



I love color and feel sparkly glittery colors that are bright just suits every skin tone.  For example, you could never go wrong despite your skin tone with, silver glitter eye shadows, gold, pink and black.


How to Apply Glitter  Eye Shadow Make up




1. Choose 3 bright colors and apply accordingly and perfectly. If you want to learn more on how to apply eye make up  and what to do before applying make up, I wrote a short tutorial article about How to Apply Make up. Get my favorite glitter eye shadows kit at for less than $12.00.


2. Apply eye gel along your lash line. If you don’t own eye gel, you can opt for Vaseline. Petroleum Vaseline really works as well. By using gel or Vaseline you will be making certain that the glitter may stick on well.


Please make sure that you apply enough for the eye glitter make up to stick very well. You can use glitter applicator brush which costs about $11.00 or opt for ear bud to neatly apply.


If you want to be bold you can as well apply glitter on the corners of your eyes. It costs  about $11.00 at Make sure you experiment with different colors. You can get glitter eye gel at


My recommendation is this one from Two Faced for only $22.00 or even get one at around a dollar or so depending on the brand.


3. Finish off with a layer of mascara. If you dare, you can apply glitter mascara instead of a regular one. You can get six glitter mascara pack at at around $33.

Make sure you do not mess yourself up with glitter. Clean up well. Next time I will be talking about glitter lip stick, glitter  cheeks, glitter  and glitter eye brows.


How to Remove Glitter Make up


It is not that easy to remove glitter from your face so make sure you take your make up remover and dip a cotton pad or cloth on and then clean up your eyes and face. Wash your face very well with a cleanser and then moisturize your with a moisturizer of your choice. Read this article about how to make moisturizer at home. Before you can moisturize your face,make sure you make it a habit to polish it first on weekly. Learn how to polish your face at home here.


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