How to Apply Glitter Eye Make up: Step by Step Guide

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Before I talk about how to apply glitter make up, I will brush through the process that you need to go through, meaning, how to apply make up, tone and moisturize your skin.



Read the rest of the article of how to apply make up at home. Believe you me, you too can learn how to apply make up like a real professional. It is really easy and the more you practice the better you will be and the faster you will become. Below are things though you need to do to your skin before applying glitter eye make-up at home:


How to Apply Make up


Step 1



  1. First you have to do a facial at home. This is so that your skin will be clear, smooth and ready for make-up.


  1. Cleanse your face with a face cleanser of your choice. Put a few drops of your facial cleanser on the palms of your wet hand. Make circular movements on your face until you are satisfied that your face is clean. I recommend  Christian Dior’s Gentle Milk Cleanser which you can get online at for $40.00. My second recommendation is Mary-Kay-3 in 1-TimeWise-Cleanser which you get online at at $16.99. I also recommend cleanser called Regenerist-Luminous-Brightening-Cleanser. Get it online at It only costs $19.99.



Step 2


  1. Now it is time for the toner. Grab a cotton ball and apply a little bit of your toner on it. Make circular movements in your face whilst face still wet. Rinse and dry with a clean and dry face cloth. By the way, a toner is good for restoring skin PH level and removing excess dirt. After that use a clean and soft dry face towel to pat dry.

  1. After that, apply a moisturizer of your choice and wait a few minutes for it to sink in. I recommend Mary Kay TimeWise Age Fighting Moisturizer which costs about $12.00 at


Step 3


  1. Apply the primer before the foundation. Some people prefer apply the face primer after the foundation. I prefer wearing the primer first. I don’t think there is much difference though. I honestly haven’t done it. Put a couple of enough drops on your finger and apply to face.


Use circular movements making sure all your face is covered so as to not miss a spot. The face primer is for smoothing and evening out the skin so that the make up will stay longer and glide on smoothly. I recommend the Mac Face Prep Primer which is available online at at $38.00. It will be worth your penny.


My second recommendation is Laura Laura Mercier Face Primer which is also available at online at and costs $35.00.


  1. Now it’s time to apply the liquid foundation that matches your skin tone.


Use a make up sponge to apply your foundation. Apply enough foundation on your make up sponge. Make circular movements starting from the hair line going down. You can use a foundation brush instead of the sponge if you are comfortable with it. When you are working on the eyes, avoid the upper eyelids. My favorite foundation is MAC Studio Fix fluid foundation available at at $37.00.


  7. Now it is time for the concealer. Apply the concealer to the      dark spots, red parts and under the eyes. Use a color that is    one tone lighter than your skin tone.



  Apply the concealer  on the dark spot and pat it with your    finger to blend it and then use the sponge to blend it in with  the foundation.



If you do not have a concealer at home please try my recommended Smashbox-Cosmetics-High-Definition-Concealer which costs about $18.00 at


8. Apply a loose powder of your choice.

My personal favorite is Smashbox-Cosmetics-Halo-Hydrating-Powder . Smash Box just like Mac is a good brand and yet affordable. Apply all over your face using a powder brush.


 9. Apply blush to your cheeks.

Use the blush brush to apply on the apples of your cheek. I prefer the pink color that has a peachy kinda look blush.


  1. Apply a bronzer with a powder brush.

Apply on the cheeks, forehead and chin to give a little natural tan.


Recommended websites:


How to Apply Glitter Make up Like a Pro at Home


Now it is that time, to learn how to apply glitter eye make up like a pro if of course you one of those who own lots of make up collection but just don’t know how to use glitter. Do you love sparkly eyes? I was one of you a few years ago and thought I would just go along, be bold and take a risk. Guess what? I don’t regret at all.


Colorful sparkly glitters just suites every skin tone.  For example, you could never go wrong despite your skin tone with, silver, gold, pink and black.




  1. Choose 3 bright colors and apply accordingly and perfectly. If you want to learn more on how to apply eye make-up  and what to do before applying make-up, I wrote a short tutorial article about how to apply make up quickly . Get my favorite glitter eye shadows at at $10.00 only.


  1. Apply eye gel along your lash line. If you don’t own eye gel, you can opt for Vaseline. It works as well. This is so that the glitter may stick on well. Please make sure that you apply enough for the eye glitter make up to stick very well. You can use glitter applicator brush or opt for ear bud to neatly apply. If you want to be bold you can as well apply glitter on the corners of your eyes. Make sure you experiment with different colors. You can get glitter eye gel at for $18.00 or even at around a dollar.


  1. Finish off with a layer of mascara. If you dare, you can apply glitter mascara instead of a regular. You can get six glitter mascara pack at at around $10.

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