How to Apply False Eye Lashes:10 Steps

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Nowadays most of us women wear false eye lashes to enhance our eyes. It could be for everyday lifestyle or fashion or whatever purpose. You don’t need to be a celebrity in order to apply false eye lashes at home by yourself.

There are types of false or fake eye lashes, natural, long, luscious, sexy eyelashes. When I first learnt how to apply on false eye lashes, I tried my first pair on one of my friends. I wasn’t perfect. She came about twice to me to fix the one that kept on falling out. I would fix them till I eventually got it right. The more you try, the more you get better at it. It is only a process that will not even take you 5 minutes by the way.

 Tips on How to Apply False Eye Lashes

  • Always remember that full set lashes are longer, luscious and thicker.
  • Always remember that individual lashes are meant to top up your own natural lashes.
  • Trim longer eye lashes by cutting them.
  • Always save the longest part for the outside corners of your eyes.

How to Apply False Eye Lashes

  1. Make sure you wash and cleanse your face as to clean up your  eye lashes of any mascara and other make up.
  2. Curl your eye lashes using eye lash curler.
  3. Make sure you trim the lashes because always come out a little wide.
  4. The “trimmed” part should be used at the end of the eye.
  5. Take the glue that usually come with the lashes and apply it at the base line of the false eye lashes. Be careful and don’t rush with this part.
  6. Let the glue dry out for a couple of seconds.
  7. Some people hold the lashes on their left or free hand and apply their glue whilst some prefer to apply it on a hard surface and the dip the base of the lashes onto the glue, depending on the kind of false lashes they have at that time. Some even use tooth picks to do it. Whatever you prefer just make sure you are not messy.
  8. Take the trimmed lash and put it at the outer corner of the eyes. Use your 2 fingers, index and thumb to gently and carefully press both fake and natural lashes together for a few seconds. Hold on to them for a few seconds until satisfied that it has being nicely glued on and dried as well.
  9. Take the lash crimper and crimp the glued lash into your natural lashes. Hold it in place for a couple of seconds.
  10. The glue that come with the false or fake eye lashes are usually white in color. Black ones are available at beauty and drug stores as well if you choose to use black. They usually cost less than $10. They are better and less messier than the white ones.
  11. Now you can do your eye makeup. Start by applying a black liquid liner.
  12. Apply mascara to lashes to blend them in with your natural ones.

How to Remove False or Fake Eye Lashes at Home

  1. To remove false eyelashes, use an eye make up remover or Vaseline.
  2. Just apply the make up remover with your fingers and wait until they are able to come off on their own without effort.
  3. I recommend Vaseline.

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