How to Apply Air brush Make Up: 5 Steps

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What is Air brush Make Up



It is now time to try another form of great make up foundation…airbrush..Learn how to apply airbrush make up: 5 steps. Air brush make up is different from the traditional make up in a few senses. You need to spray it onto your skin using an air brush instead of applying it with a sponge and or brush. You do not touch the skin whilst applying air brush make up thus making it more hygienic and sanitary.


Air brush make up is known to be used in digital and or film industries. If you want to know how to apply air brush make, it is easy to learn. You don’t have to be an expert in the film industry to use or apply air brush make up. Nowadays there is available portable air brushes that are designed for personal and cosmetic use in the home as well as the beauty parlors.




How Air brush Make Up Works



Traditional make up such as liquid foundation and powder can settle in pores, scars and wrinkles and be visible on skin but air brush make up tends to be smoother on the skin. As the air brush make up is being sprayed on, it tends to create an even, smooth, sheer and natural appearance on the skin. Airbrush make up stays on longer than traditional make up.



Types of Air Brush Make Up



Believe it or not, air brush make up is also available for eye shadow, blush, eyebrows and lips. It’s not the foundation only.


Water based– The makeup is mixed with water and appears matte on the skin. It doesn’t make your skin shine and it’s easy to build full coverage and is the most popular and recommended.


Alcohol based– Alcohol-based formulas stay on for long time. It is 99% alcohol, so you don’t want to use it on the face daily.


Silicon based– It has the same finish as bare skin. You will need to choose the perfect shade that matches your skin.



How to Apply Air brush Make Up



You will need the following items when you are ready to apply your air brush make up. Airbrush kit with air compressor, air brush and air brush make up-blush, foundation, liner, lip stick etc.

first of all fix your face by cleansing it. Go to this link to learn how to make a face cleanser at home. After cleansing your face  use  a moisturizer of your choice or even better learn  how to make moisturizer at home in this article I wrote here. Put on the concealer before you apply the airbrush.





  1. Take your air brush and carefully fasten it to the compressor’s air hose as needed.

  2. Now you can add about 8 drops of your air brush foundation into the top feed cup of the airbrush.

  3. Now turn your compressor on and select suitable pressure level. Start by selecting low pressure first since you are a beginner and then as you become an expert, you can go to medium pressure.

  4. Spray it in the air to test the pressure.

  5. It is always best and advisable to test it along the jaw line to see if it matches your skin perfectly well.


It is not really necessary to pull the trigger all the way back; just a little distance, about 6-10 inches away from your face is just fine. You can make a few layers as well if you are not satisfied. The secret is to first let the first layer dry up. Remember practice makes perfect. If you keep on practicing on someone before you know it, you will be an expert as well.


How to Remove Air Brush Make Up



Airbrush make up can be removed by using soap and water.

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