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Trend Alert: How Africa Won Over the Fashion World


From the bold, colorful fabrics, fresh shapes and beautiful models, the world is now looking towards Africa for fashion inspiration. Fashion designers from across the world have repeatedly tapped the heritage of Africa in search of inspiration over the last three decades.



This trend is worth noting because Africa has always been used as a reference point, but it was never taken seriously as a contender in the fashion world. However, things have changed. The world has finally woken up and African influences are now being viewed as a valuable source of inspiration, hence the industry has enjoyed significant growth.



Overcoming Stereotypes


While there is no right or definite way to define African fashion, many have often boxed it into the “tribal” category. Botswana’s award winning fashion house Black Trash Designers argues that fashion has no boundaries therefore cannot and should not be labeled according to certain meaningless terms. “Some people, especially the western world, tend to think African fashion is just about fabric. However African designs are much more than that.



You can incorporate many different elements into style. And as a designer, while it is important to develop a signature style and stick to it, it is also just as important to be creative and think outside the box because fashion is very fluid and trends and style change all the time” said Gerty Mogojwe, Black Trash Designers Co-Founder.


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