9 Health Benefits of Green Tea

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One of my favorite beverages, green tea, originates in China. Green tea has been widely used for centuries in all parts of the world especially in those Asian countries. Green tea has been and is still being consumed for its health benefits. Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. Below is some of the popular health benefits of green tea;


What is Green Tea Made of?



  • Green tea is made from un-oxidized leaves.

  • Green tea is not processed.

  • According to authoritynutrition.com, Green tea has antioxidants and polyphenols which can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, as well as  protect cells from any damages. These free radicals are known for a lot of health benefits and one of them is to play a role in reducing diseases and helping your skin not to age.


 Health Benefits of Green Tea



  1. Chinese and Indians use green tea for traditional medications of wounds healing.

  2. Green tea helps with digestion. If taken daily, green tea will make you regular.

  3. The other health benefit of green tea is that green tea improves heart and brain function. It does not cure heart or brain ailments if there be any,but will make them function nicely if a  few cups be taken daily.

  4. One of the popular health benefits of green tea is that it helps with increasing of fat burning as well as and boosting of the metabolic rate thus weight loss. If you suffer from stomach fat, green tea will be of great help. So enjoy a few cups of your green tea daily.

  5. Green tea is a stimulant. It contains lots of caffeine.This caffeine found in green tea can keep you awake,alert, as well as improve one’s moods and memory. it will keep you away from having anxiety attacks as it helps makes one to relax.

  6. If you have bad breath please do not despair. One of green tea benefits is that it reduces bad breath as well as dental decay.

  7. It can keep you away from influenza virus.

  8. Studies show that antioxidants in green tea helps with reducing the risk of cancer, cholesterol, alzeimers, diabetes, blood pressure and parkinsons’ diseases. with parkinsons’ disease, green tea will protect the your brain at your old age thus reducing the risk. With diabetes, research shows that green tea regulates glucose levels

  9. Green tea is good for skin. If you drink a few cups on a daily basis, your skin will eventually become bright and glowing.

    If you are one of those people that prefer to make their own DIY moisturizers at home, this article will teach you how to make green tea and glycerin moisturizer.


Those are some of the benefits and uses of drinking green tea daily. You can always opt for taking tablets if you feel drinking green tea the whole day is not your thing.



Remember it is a bad idea to add milk in your green tea as it will reduce the antioxidants value. Green tea is not a cure but if added to one’s diet you will definitely become a healthy human being.

If you have any green tea benefits you may know please feel free to let us know about them and if you liked and enjoyed this article feel free to share it on any social media of your choice. I hope just like me, green tea will work wonders for you. Enjoy!

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