8 Skin Benefits of Glycerin

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Glycerin is a colorless organic compound formed of carbon,oxygen and hydrogen. It is one of the most useful, beneficial and at the same time cheap product one could ever have in their house. Glycerin is water soluble and  tastes very sweet. Glycerin’s main uses and are for the skin care products as it can stimulate and rejuvenate it.


Most skin products such as soaps, moisturizers, lotions and hair products such as shampoos and conditioners contain glycerin. Below are a few benefits of glycerin;


Glycerin  Benefits



 1. Glycerin can be used as skin moisturizer

 If you take a spoon of glycerin and add it to a few drops of water then apply to your face daily before sleep, your skin will be moisturized and softened. When glycerin is applied to the skin, it seals in moisture that might escape and helps maintain the skin’s water.


Green Tea + Glycerin Moisturizer



3 T of loose leaf green tea

 1 C of water

 1 T of glycerin




  • Boil the water and put the green tea leaves inside.

  •  Let it steep for about 10 minutes.

  • Mix the tea with the glycerin.

  • Pour into a bottle and shake the mixture very well.

  • Let it cool off and then keep it in the refrigerator.


Take the moisturizer and apply onto your face daily. You can use it even more than once per day. I have written an article about how to make lotion at home. Feel free to read and learn DIY lotions you can do for yourself at home.


2.  Anti aging products


One of the little benefits of glycerin is that it can make anti aging products. Here is one of the recipes;Take an egg white and beat it until frothy. Add a teaspoon of honey and glycerin . Mix well and apply to your face in circular motion. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water.


3.  Treatment of dry skin


Glycerin helps skin to look less scaly and glowier and healthier as well as retains moisture in your skin. Glycerin has a therapeutic effect on wounds and other skin diseases thus topping up on making the skin look smoother, supple, soft and healthier.


You can mix 1 spoon of  Vaseline with glycerin and apply to your skin overnight so as to have supple and smooth skin.


4. Treatment of acne


Apply glycerin directly on acne, pimples and mouth
ulcers. It can cure them. It can also be applied to scars.


5. Make face cleanser


Add 4 spoons of milk with 1 spoon of glycerin. Apply to your face with a cotton wool.  Leave it on for 15 minutes or even overnight.


6. Moisturizes nails


     After removing your nail polish or nails, apply a little bit of glycerin on your nails to keep them soft. If your nails are brittle, here is an article I wrote about how to strengthen your weak nails.


  1. Glycerin can be used as a skin toner



    Glycerin and Rosewater Toner Recipe 


  • Mix a cup of rosewater with 1 spoon of glycerin.

  • Pour into a spray bottle.

  • Shake well.


  1. Glycerin can be used to remove blemishes from face


Take glycerin and mix it with either milk or Vaseline and apply to your face before bed. Even if you use it by itself without mixing it with stuff, it works as good.


There are so many uses of glycerin one can think of but I was only mentioning the most common uses. You can buy glycerin at a local grocery store, pharmacy or online at amazon.com, walmart.com, and walgreens.com.

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