3 Ways to get rid of Puffy Eyes

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Sometimes one won’t even realize that they have puffy eyes because “puffy eyes” somehow seem a bit normal to a naked eye. There are quiet several factors that are likely to cause and contribute to the puffiness of the eyes. Salty food, alcohol or allergies are a few of the examples. But behold, I have 3 ways to get rid of puffy eyes below;



 3 Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes


1.       Use Caffeine


  •     Use a caffeinated cream. You can get them at a local pharmacy or grocery store. If you prefer shopping electronically, order the caffeinated cream online on a drug store.


  •     Apply caffeine topically for caffeine draws water away from the skin thus making it have a tighter appearance.


  •     Place cool, moist black tea bags on your eyes for about 10 minutes and enjoy the results. You need to do this with caution though. Be certain that the tea bag is cool enough and careful not to get the tea or liquid in your eyes.



2.       Slice a Cucumber



  • Slice up a cucumber and place it in your eyes. Do this for a few minutes until satisfactory.


  • Cucumbers contain enzymes that reduce inflammation.


  • Cucumbers contain about 90 % water so it has an instant cooling effect thus will deflate your puffy eyes in no time.


3.       Use Cold Spoons



  • Put metal spoons in your freezer. You can also place the spoons directly onto ice cubes if you wish.

  • Place the spoons on your eyes for 3 to 5 minutes to tighten your skin. This will instantly deflate your puffy eyes.

  • You have a choice of using a bag of frozen vegetables e.g. peas, beans. It works as well as the freezer and ice cubes.


The good thing about the above ways  of how to get rid of puffy eyes, is that all the ingredients can be found in your kitchen. No need to go and buy new and expensive stuff. That’s all I have for you for now folks. Now sit and enjoy the results.

Remember to always moisturize your face so here is the article of How to Make Lotion at Home.  Besides that make sure that you drink 8 glasses of water a day.


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