Month: May 2015


How to Apply Make up: Step by Step Tutorial

  We women love make up, especially the natural eye makeup look. Some of us would never even dare learn how to apply make up or put it on ourselves as we do believe only professionals are capable of doing it for us . Not only make up artists tips will help you,believe you me, … Read More


How to Make a DIY Lotion at Home

I have always loved the soft feel of my skin and the smell after lotion application.I could never go anywhere without hand lotion especially the scented one. I never minded spending money on different kinds of lotions.   Then I started wondering how they were made and decided to try making some lotion for myself at … Read More


5 Ways to Make Your Own Lipstick at Home

    I love make up. I love lip sticks, lip glosses and everything about make up. I know not all of us cannot afford to own all these expensive brand name lip stick. Don’t despair ladies. I am going to give out a few simple recipes of DIY lip sticks.   What To Do … Read More