Month: November 2014


How to Remove Make up: 7 Natural Ways

  There are several ways of removing make up without using the make up remover. You can even find the products that you can use in your bathroom.     Use Petroleum Jelly     Dab a little bit of baby shampoo on a cotton ball. Wipe the areas where you want to remove your … Read More


How to Clean your Make up Brushes at Home

  Make up brushes tend to pick up old make up and dirt a lot so we need to wash them time and again. Cleaning make up brushes is supposed to be done daily after applying make up because of bacteria, clogging of pores and messing our eye shadow colors. I will show you how … Read More


How to Apply Eye Shadow in Less Than 7 minutes

  It certainly is so easy to apply your eye shadows at home. You will need an eye shadow palette, eye shadow brushes, eye liner, eye primer and mascara.     Choosing eye shadows is fun because nowadays there are lots of brands, types, colors and textures to choose from. You can choose to use … Read More